AgriCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.8.9/1.7.10

AgriCraft is a very comprehensive mod, perfect for those who take an interest in science, particularly biological sciences that involve mutation and crossbreeding. However, this mod is so versatile, that it could literally appeal to any user- including those who love agriculture or who simply value having extra crops to play with.


New and improved

AgriCraft builds on the work of IndustrialCraft, although many users report that this is a much easier and better formatted mod. What AgriCraft works to do, is allow users to access crops from other mods and use them to create new strains of plants- through mutation and crossbreeding. This can be done by configuring plants, and it’s essentially what IndustrialCraft originally set out to do.

In addition to creating new plants, you can also create new systems that will aid your agricultural functions. For example, you can create a great irrigation system that consists of sprinklers, tanks and channels. It also provides the option to craft greenhouses, which is particularly useful in certain villages, where the terrain isn’t suited to a specific crop.

A mutated mod

The mutation/crossbreeding feature of the AgriCraft mod is what truly appeals to most users. By crossing two plants with each other, you can breed a better and more powerful species, that can significantly improve your gameplay. In order to crossbreed agricultural items, you first have to collect plants using Crop Sticks. This will hold them in place, and allow you to breed them with an entirely different parent to create a new breed- or breed them with their own species to create a ‘stronger’ variety.


AgriCraft shares some similarities with the Forestry mod, which also focuses on Minecraft’s agricultural side. Much like the analyzer in Forestry, AgriCraft provides a plant and seed analyzer that will reveal key information about plants. It will inform users of the growth speed, the amount of produce available to harvest throughout this plant and how well the plant passes its traits onto its offspring. These are important details that will help you assess which plants to crossbreed for strong outcomes.

A fun addition

AgriCraft isn’t particularly multifaceted, and aside from irrigating your world, it doesn’t benefit you much beyond crossbreeding. However, the mutation side of things is so varied and captivating that you don’t need to distract yourself with other features. Simply exploring your world in an attempt to find the best breeding pair is extremely fun.

AgriCraft doesn’t require much beyond Minecraft Forge. This is the only prerequisite you need to install the game, and once that’s completed, then you can either use the assigned installer or move your ,jar file into your mods folder.

AgriCraft Mod Download