Blood Magic Mod for Minecraft 1.9.4/1.9/1.8.9/1.7.10

Many mods briefly touch on the idea of magic, or incorporate magical elements into the game. However, this can be a little unsatisfying for those that truly enjoy the escapism of mystical magic and adventure. For this reason, Blood Magic Mod was invented. This mod focuses purely on adding serious magic to your Minecraft world, through innovative features and fascinating additions. The magic can also prove functional, however, and you may find yourself benefiting from this mod in other ways too.


Far from cute

Blood Magic, as the name suggests, is not a mod that adds cute elements of magic into the game. Far from fairy play and adorable tricks, this mod focuses more on rituals; sacrifices; alchemy and spells. The more sinister side of this mod is truly what makes it so interesting, as the darkness adds a whole new dimension to your Minecraft world.

For example, using Blood Magic, you can perform rituals using Life Essence, which is essentially your blood. This is a liquid obtained by harming your health, or the health of mobs. This provides an interesting dilemma for you as a player, where you’re faced with the option of harming yourself for delayed gratification. This ethical twist is definitely a unique and interesting angle for players to explore.


A risky mod

One of the most interesting parts of this mod is the element of chance, whereby every potion; spell or ritual you perform has the risk of seriously injuring your character and ruining your world. The creator of the mod constantly reiterates this using message boards online, and the idea that your character is prone to dying at any point, simply raises the stakes and adds more fun to the game.

Key compatibility

Although Minecraft doesn’t tend to focus too much on the sinister side of magic, there are definitely other mods that are in keeping with this theme, which is why the compatibility of this mod is so important. Blood Magic works particularly well with Thaumcraft 4, as well as Technomancy. What’s more, in recent years, Seguimancy was created as an add-on for the mod, which means that Blood Magic is needed for this- as well as Blood Arsenal, Blood Utils and NOVA.

As with many popular mods, the only prerequisite for Blood Magic is Minecraft forge. Once you’ve downloaded this, you can then download the mod, and manually install it by dragging the file into the folder.

Blood Magic Mod Download