Botania Mod for Minecraft 1.9/1.8.9/1.7.10

Botania is an interesting Minecraft mod that draws from the idea that botanicals, i.e flowers and plants, are magical. In fact, the whole mod is a magical addition to your Minecraft world, that plays on similarly themed mods such as ThaumCraft and Blood Magic.


A flowery addition

At its simplest, Botania adds lots of new flowers to your world. This is a very vanilla description of the concept; as the mod does so much more for players than simply add flowers. However, for those looking to set their Minecraft world abloom, then this is the mod for you. In order to find the recipes for new flowers, as well as lots of information surrounding them, you must first craft the Lexica Botania. This is a guide, packed with tips provided by the mod creator, that you can access by simply right clicking on any flower in your kingdom.

In order to craft your Lexica Botania, you simply combine a tree sapling with a book. Using both of these vanilla items, you can produce a guide that is critical to you understanding the inner workings of Botania.

A magical addition

With each new flower comes a new flower power, and this is where the real fun begins. Using Botania, you can create new and interesting plants. To reap this particular botanic benefits, you need to first craft an apothecary. You must then fill it with water, and add either seeds or the petals of a flower. This will create a flower that you can use to craft LivingRock or simple yet useful blocks.


These cool new flowers can also be mixed with magical ‘Mana’, which is the energy system for this mod. Mana, when combined with spreaders in a special pool, will allow you to conjure or convert diamonds, iron ingots and so forth into mana diamonds and mana ingots etc. These, in turn, can be used to craft exciting armor and many new tools.

‘Mystical flowers’ are the key ingredient in creating mana, and they spawn naturally through this mod. It’s important to note that you’ll need their seeds and petals to reap the mana benefits, so ensure you collect them when you stumble upon them.

Simple fun

In addition to all the new magic, there is also simple fun to be found through this mod. For example, you can use botanic items to create flower powder. In order to this, you’ll need a pestle and mortar, which you can craft. These will be used to pulverize your flowers into powder, which you can use to dye clay, or as fertilizers for your crops. This varied usages are what the make the mod so large, and so easily accessible to a huge range of players.

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