ComputerCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.8.9/1.8/1.7.10

Chances are, if you’re an avid Minecrafter, then you value your technology. If this is the case, then ComputerCraft is the mod for you. This adds an element of futuristic technology to your game, by introducing computers and robotics into your world. It also incorporates a programming element too, which is an exciting addition for versed computer users.


As far from vanilla as it gets

Minecraft, for all intents in purposes, sets itself in an older time period where huts and castles are a common occurrence. For this reason, ComputerCraft is a mod that distances you significantly from vanilla play. If you’re a purist at heart, then this really isn’t the mod for you, as it doesn’t enhance your gameplay so much as it changes it completely. However, if you’re a little more open minded, then you should definitely look into this mod. If nothing else, it gives you a chance to practice performing tasks that could be easily applied to real life situations (for example, simple coding).

A programming experience

ComputerCraft is useful for many reasons, but one distinctive function is that it allows you to program within gameplay. You can use coding to create programs to be used in your world, including the very complex Redstone circuitry. Even if you don’t know much about computer programming, you can still attempt it, so long as you back up your game before venturing into this unknown territory. Before you can begin programming, you must first craft a computer; as well as a modem.


The languages used for coding is called Lua. This is a language that dates back to 1993, and may prove familiar to a number of players. The crossover to reality that this mod provides is an interesting twist on your normal Minecraft experience.

A compatible mod

Not only is ComputerCraft compatible with other mods, it’s often recommended that you make use of other mods alongside this one. For example, many devices in the most will prove most efficient when used alongside Redstone or Redpower. Regardless of whether you choose to incorporate other mods, however, you have the comfort of knowing that you’re not limited to one- thanks tho ComputerCraft’s excellent compatibility rating.

The only prerequisite for this mod is MineCraft forge. However, if you’re a new player who’s a little inexperienced with installing new mods (or a seasoned player who’s a little lazy), then the creators of ComputerCraft have designed a convenient installer for your usage. Alternatively, you can manually download the file, and drag the .jar into your mods folder. As ever, it’s important to reiterate that you should back up your extensive world, particularly when using this mod.

ComputerCraft Mod Download