Draconic Evolution Mod For Minecraft 1.7.10

Draconic Evolution Mod significantly elevates your gameplay from vanilla, by introducing high powered tools; armors and other features. This isn’t a mod for the faint hearted, and many of the additions require some exploration, as well as time and commitment to increase your familiarity with the mod. However, once you begin to understand the inner workings of Draconic Evolution, you can truly appreciate the benefits that it provides.


Suited for battle

Draconic Evolution introduces, amongst many other things, some new pieces of armor. This is a great feature for the battling Minecrafters who are always looking to improve their performance. A few of these items, categorized under ‘Utilities’ include the Draconic Boots, the Draconic Chestplate and the Draconic Leggings. All of these items have unique powers, that give you a significant advantage over other players. The boots, for example, use Redstone Flux energy as means to jump higher; protect users from drops and climb entire blocks in one movement.

More than just war

In addition to providing items that could benefit you in battle, however, the Draconic Evolution mod also introduces new blocks and recipes that will allow you to craft many useful things. The Creative Key Stone is a popular option, as it’s a new block that can’t be mined, and that can only be found in creative mode. This block uses a master key to bind it, and when this is implemented, it emits a Redstone signal.

Draconic Evolution also introduces new machines to your game, which can prove very useful in terms of energy useful. The Draconic Reactor, of example, is ideal for those that are in short supply of Redstone Flux energy. This reactor is ideal because it turns Awakened Draconium into Redstone Flux (at a very slow pace) for your convenience.


Compatible and fun

While the mod is very reliant on the presence of Draconium Ingots, it also draws from other mods, for example by prioritizing Restone Flux. This mod works particularly well when used in conjunction with other mods, and it’s worth noting that it’s featured in a number of Modpacks, including Crundee Craft and TolkienCraft 2.

In terms of downloading it, the process is relatively simple. As with most mods, the prerequisite is Minecraft Forge. Once you’ve downloaded this, then you can simply download the mod, and drag it into your .jar folder. This is the manual installation method, although you can also find many new installers online today.

Draconic Evolution Mod Download