Extra Utilities Mod for Minecraft 1.9/1.8/1.7.10

If there was such a thing as a vanilla mod, then Extra Utilities Mod would definitely be described as such. This mod simply enhances original gameplay, by literally providing Extra Utilities, meaning that new and more varied blocks are introduced to assist you in your building.


This mod does what mods were originally designed to do, and modifies the game slightly, to improve your experience. However, it also introduces a new dimension to the game, which detracts a little from its simplicity- but adds a lot of fun.

A layered mod

On the surface, this mod simply adds blocks to the game, and enhances vanilla play. It will allow you to build new structures, including building on locations that don’t involve any land. This is because the Angel Block gives you the ability to build both in the sky and on water, using creative mode, and following recipes as normal.

A practical addition

In addition to new, special blocks (as well as a totally new dimension for you to explore); there are also new utilities for you to us as well. This includes tools, such as shovels and swords, that can make building so much easier- and that can make the process all the more efficient for you. For example, the sonar goggles are an accessory that allow you to identify any and all ores within a small radius. This makes it easier to mine.


The paint brush, on the other hand, allows you to paint colored wood and blocks; while the ‘Etheric’ sword is a unique weapon that can defeat all armor. These are all powerful tools that can significantly improve your performance within the game, and allow you to enjoy the experience more than the outcome.

A popular mod

Extra Utilities is a popular and well regarded mod, that is actually included in a large number of Mod Packs. If you’re interested in downloading this and other mods, then you may consider a pack. Mod Packs are a collection of similarly themed mods, that are highly rated by users. They add a level of convenience for players, by allowing them to download several mods, in one convenient package. This is the perfect solution for new players, who are perhaps unfamiliar with the sheer number of mods available.

In terms of Extra Utilities, there are some great packs for you to choose from. For example, a number of popular options for fans of Extra Utilities include the Agrarian Pack, the Feed The Beast packs and the Dire Wolf packs.

Extra Utilities Mod Download