Minecraft Forge API 1.9.4/1.9/1.8.9/1.8/1.7.10

Minecraft Forge API is less of a mod and more of a critical tool, needed by virtually any Minecraft player who intends to use (or explore the possibility of using) mods. Forge provides a platform for players to load and control any downloaded mods, and it also ensures that they run smoothly, by eliminating the majority of problems and lags present in games without Forge.


More than just a mod

Minecraft Forge is renowned for being more than just a mod. This tool helps you load mods, but it also allows you to switch them on and off, with a simple click of your mouse or keyboard. Previous to Forge, Minecraft players who wanted to disable a mod after switching it on, would have to sift through their mods folder and go through various steps to manually suspend it. With Forge, however, you have the option to switch any downloaded mod off- and this will take effect immediately.

Forge is also an essential tool for Minecraft players who like to design their own mods, as it checks your mod’s compatibility for you. It also warns you of the potential for a poorly installed mod to crash your game, before you load gameplay, which saves you a lot of time and effort.

An application library

In addition to helping you load your mods, Minecraft Forge also helps you organize them. This mod acts as a library for all of your installed mods, which makes finding them and activating them a little easier. Like any good library, Forge is constantly updated to ensure that you remain current with any major Minecraft changes. For example, when Minecraft’s latest version is released, the Forge team will work tirelessly to modify their mod- in order to ensure compatibility with the new game.

While this means you’ll have to keep an eye on any updates released by either Minecraft or Forge, it also means that you’re unlikely to find that your mods are incompatible with the latest version of Minecraft.

Made for your convenience

The creators of this mod have released a Forge installer, specifically designed for your convenience. Previous to you downloading this mod, ensure that you’ve downloaded the installer. You can then download the Minecraft Forge file, and run the download, clicking the box “Install Client” once it pops up (you may also be given the option to check “Install Server” if this is what you need).

Once you’ve run the program, launch Minecraft, ensuring to pick the Forge profile before you launch the game.

Minecraft Forge API Download