Tinkers Construct Mod for Minecraft 1.9/1.8.9/1.7.10

Much like the beloved spork, tools that have been fused together often make for spectacular new tools. It’s amazing how much more you can do and how much time and energy you can save by simply splicing your favorite items together, and the Tinkers Construct mod for Minecraft is no exception.


Unlike some other tools in Minecraft, any tools made using the Tinkers’ Construct mod are yours to keep for good. They won’t disappear on you or break down over time. Nope, these tools are here to stay! Tinkers’ Construct uses a set if four tables to take you through the steps of constructing your tools: Stencil Table, Pattern Chest, Part Builder and Tool Station. Having each of these steps allows you to really break down the process so that even beginners can craft cool items.

Your first course of action will be to go to your Stencil Table. Using the Pattern Chest and Stencil Table together, choose a pattern for a tool you would like to create. You can save patterns to use in the future in your Pattern Chest, or you can use them right away. Patterns will stay put in the chest for when you decide to use Tinkers’ Construct again, so don’t worry about them disappearing too.

Before you assemble your new tools, you’ll need to use the parts builder and the pattern you’ve made to make sure you have all the right materials. While the Pattern Chest and Stencil Table create patterns, the Parts Builder creates parts that go together to form a new tool. This is where the Smeltery comes in really handy.


Rather than having to build metals in the Parts Builder, you can produce them with the Smeltery and skip that step. It’s pretty easy to configure your mod to accommodate the Smeltery, but if you have any trouble, you can go to the config directory and enable the Smeltery through the file TinkerModules.cfg. The Smeltery even has an automation process so you can sit back and relax while it produces metals needed for new tools.

Once you’ve got the materials you need, you can pull up your inventory in the Tool Station (some newer versions have upgraded it to the Tool Forge) and get to work! New tools can be named and modified in the Tool Station to your liking. Even though Tinkers’ Construct doesn’t include copper or tin ores, it still supports them if you use other mods that include them. New features like height/width expansions and Slime Boots make Tinkers’ Construct even more fun.

Speaking of Slime, Tinkers’ Construct has two new mobs for you to deal with: Blue Slime and King Slime. These tough little guys can be found on Slime Islands, which are floating bits of slimy grass, dirt and trees. These islands contain uncraftable slime, so make sure to kill off any infestations if you see them floating nearby.

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